Steven+Alison Hoober

Why No Touch?

Okay, look. The domain name means, essentially, nothing. I just didn't want to have "Steven Hoober dot com" as it always felt odd. So, I came up with something semi random. What it really came from was this song – if you can call it that – that Brak sang on Space Ghost back in college. It's random and insane.

Normally I'd just let people figure it out, or not. About twice a year someone emails me to say they love Brak, yea! But otherwise, who cares?

Well, I guess I should. Somehow I've become a sort of mobile expert. And today mobile doesn't mean radio, or small screen, but capacitive touch, and whatever the hell Apple is doing lately. So, "don't touch" might send the wrong message.

But what about iPhones?

Really? Are you even reading this? While I still respect scroll-and-select devices (and game controllers, and remotes, and everything else), and I do in fact rant about the over-reliance on touch screens, I am not ANTI-touch, and this site doesn't mean that. Just move on. And revel in the fresh air when you take your mittens off to scroll that capacitive input screen, suckers.

And what do you think of TSA security practices?

While I have opinions about the futility of point inspection (investigation and intelligence is the way to go), that's still, also, not what the domain name means. It's still a nonsense song by a cartoon character.

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